The Urban Helper


CEO Charlotte Culina was struggling to get a tree root out of her yard when the idea for The Urban Helper hit her. It was one of those moments: she didnt have the right tools for the job, she didnt have the expertise to do the job quickly, she had to pick her kids up from school in an hour, and her budget was tight. As she hacked away at the root, Charlotte thought about how this was the kind of thing you used to rely on your neighbors for. Youd go next door and ask to borrow a tool or see if someone could help with a project, and in return youd help them with something they needed at some point in the future. It was just something we used to do as neighbors. Charlotte knew her neighbors well enough to say hello and be friendly but something about the whole idea of asking one of them for help with this task seemed difficult, a little awkward, and old-fashioned. Wasnt there a 21st-century way she could solve this problem She did some research and it turned out that:There was no existing way”digital or otherwise”for her to easily search for a wide range of service providers in her neighborhood, nor was there a way for her to offer her services specifically to her neighbors.The existing gig/sharing/service platforms were all too expensive for many of her neighbors to use.Within 24 hours of standing in her yard with the tree root, Charlotte had the basic concept down for The Urban Helper: a peer-to-peer service platform that is flexible, sustainable, scalable, community-focused, and, frankly, revolutionary.The Urban Helper creates stronger, more helpful, and better-connected communities, which ultimately makes the world a better place.

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