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Launched in May of 2018, Sweet Cheeks Organic Konjac Skincares mission is to deliver organic Konjac skincare products with very few ingredients. We want customers to experience beautiful skin through plants, flowers, and a bit of ancient alchemy. Konjac has been Asias secret to flawless skin for centuries and now its in America.Our companys debut product is the Organic Konjac Skin Polisher. It is 100% food-grade Konjac root vegetable fiber. Its dye-free, preservative-free, cruelty-free, compostable, and sustainable. The polisher cleanses, gently exfoliates, and balances the skins pH--face and body. This product replaces the washcloth, loofah, and brush and is ideal for sensitive or irritated skin. There are currently six varieties, each with their own healing properties: Pure Konjac, Lavender, Aloe, Collagen, Peppermint, and Lycopene. Skin Polishers are good for all ages and skin types. Go to sweetcheeksorganics.com for more information or Facebook and Instagram @sweetkonjaccheeks.

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What Is A Sweet Cheeks Organic Konjac Skin Polisher?


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  • Our Organic Konjac Skin Polishers are amazing:
  • dye-free
  • preservative-free
  • cruelty-free
  • compostable
  • Sustainable


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1 Review
Tanya Z.
Los Angeles, CA
Best Way to Shampoo Baby's Hair

My favorite thing to use it for is washing my infant daughter's hair. Makes it so easy. Get konjac wet, put shampoo on and lather. I skip the step where I have to wet her hair first. I put it directly on her dry hair and it lathers beautifully. Just have to rinse and I'm good.

May 2019

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