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As a lifelong leadership and communications professional, I love helping individuals and organizations face down their fears and achieve lasting change. Eight years ago, when I was first introduced to coaching, I was rocked by a deep and instant calling to help individuals and teams connect to a new form of leadership. After spending a decade working in strategic and crisis communications in New York City and Los Angeles most competitive environments, I was ready to help leaders and teams find a new way to inspire, engage and achieve outcomes. Today, I support my clients with fierce courage that champions them to make strategic shifts towards their best professional life. Together, we dare to dream up the fullest expression of your leader self “ then take solid, direct steps to make it a reality. I help individuals to create the internal conditions for a life with reduced anxiety, stress, distraction and self-destruction “ in short, from the habits and patterns that sabotage progress and achievement. I also work with leaders and organizations facilitating workshops that bring clarity, connection and improved communication to the workplace.

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Los Angeles, California

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Monday through Friday 9-5pm | Occasional weekend hours