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We are 3 female physicians, policy enthusiasts, and social entrepreneurs who founded Shared Harvest Fund: a social impact tech platform that takes both a proactive and socially responsible approach to revitalizing the culture of volunteerism and community development via student loan debt reduction. As seasoned physicians, we have seen first-hand the physical and psychological consequences of debt on our patients and peers due to the feelings of helplessness. Borrowers exhibit increased rates of depression, community divestment and isolationism. Shared Harvest Fund seeks to ameliorate the financial burden. Our mission is to eliminate 20 million dollars in student loan debt by 2020. Shared Harvest Fund offers the opportunity to pay down debt thus mitigating the effects of compounding interest and conferring greater financial freedom. We help secure the financial futures of borrowers through our online social network where talented students and professionals can offer their skills in the nonprofit sector, receive loan credits for their service, and help sustain a continued infusion of much needed participation and talent into the community service sector. In addition to strengthening the human resource capacity for nonprofits organizations, Shared Harvest Fund also offers corporate wellness packages that enable employers to invest in their communities while providing wellness benefits to their employees. The wellness packages enhance recruitment and retention efforts by providing flexible volunteer opportunities that increase employee engagement while decreasing the burden of student loan debt. We are poised to challenge the student lending industry by crushing the student debt crisis one social good at a time!

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  • Shared Harvest Fund benefits include:
  • -Student loan debt relief and debt management services
  • -Human resource capacity building through skills-based volunteering
  • -Promoting and supporting a culture of volunteerism
  • -Nurturing emotional, mental, and physical health through service
  • -Building a positive community network around a shared societal burden
  • -Changing the culture of employee benefit packages by promoting and supporting jobs that offer student loan repayment options


8:00 am to 8:00 pm

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