Serpent Lane


A playful online boutique for all your classic lingerie and pole dance clothing desires.At my core, I an advocate for women. I started teaching at S Factor in 2006, a place where we guide women through movement to connect to their feminine body and their sexuality in a way that both soulful and fun. A part of the movement journey I teach is to experiment with lingerie that feels right to your body and your unique expression of your femininity. Out of that exploration with my students, I naturally opened up my own online lingerie boutique, because I was turned off by sites that didn create an experience of inclusivity and body positivity. I wanted Serpent Lane to be a place where women could shop for lingerie and feel simultaneously excited and safe. I have thoughtfully curated an affordable selection for women that I think will delight a wide variety of women, whether youe a silk, vinyl, lace, or fringe kind of gal.

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