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Redwood Resources is a full-service professional outreach and marketing consulting firm that provides services to public agencies, construction firms, and professional services firms as well as the small business community.Redwood Resources specializes in the development, implementation, and follow-through of community outreach programs as directly related to, and affected by, capital improvement and large infrastructure projects. We service clients by ensuring compliant utilization of vetted minority, disadvantaged, LGBT, DVBE or women-owned firms while providing technical assistance and capacity building services of these certified businesses.Redwood Resources was founded in 1994 when founder and visionary Barbarette Newton identified a huge gap in the needs of Small Business Owners in the local Oakland community. With a vision to advocate on behalf of Small Business owners for subcontracting opportunities with large firms, Redwood Resources was born.From these beginnings, the firm has developed several Mentorprograms instrumental in Small Business owners succeeding in growing their businesses and gaining significant contracts with larger firms while ensuring the successful capacity demands of federal and public agency funded projects. They also provide international and domestic new to market entities with customized strategic planning and development in public contracting. From identifying the right location for your offices, to the right strategic alliances and partners, certification leveraging to community involvement, we help companies avoid a 2-3 year learning curve in developing business in the NoCal and SoCal areas.

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Los Angeles, California

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