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A 15-year veteran in the fashion industry, Heather McAvoy founded Love and Madness in June of 2014 with the determination to create new waves and make an indelible mark. With a foundation that encompasses countless facets of the fashion landscape and an innate ability to consistently pioneer new trends, McAvoy recognized a tremendous void in the industry, one that affected her on both a professional and personal level. Nobody was taking the time to respond to the current marketplace, there was nothing bridging the gap between entertainment POP CULTURE and her first love, JEWELRY. With a myriad of experience under her belt, from styling celebrities and conquering public relations to launching celebrated collections, Disney Couture Jewelry among others, and joining famed studios with up and coming brands, Heather McAvoy embarked on a journey to put a relevant and creative spin on some of the world's most beloved properties. Love and Madness launched their inaugural collection with notable partnerships spanning Star Wars, Disney, Tokidoki and AMC's TWD. In its second year Madness saw design awards, garnered press placement globally and announced a roster collaboration with Warner Brothers. That when McAvoy asked Amy Asher, current President and Partner, to join The Madness. McAvoy had asked Asher to partner back in 2014 but Amy had other plans (she about 3 feet tall now.) Asher opened the Los Angeles office in February of 2017 and runs corporate operations.

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280030 Dorothy Drive,
Suite 308
Agoura Hills, California 91301

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