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Were NOT manufacturer's representatives. Were entrepreneurs that know how to garner placement in stores, catalogs and online. And our approach is different.We are inventors, with our own products in retail. We understand the buyer's perspective, because weve worked in retail. We have named companies, written jingles, developed and executed traditional and digital marketing plans, cold called companies, leveraged contacts, SEO-ranked websites “ all of which are critical to the sales process. And we have busted open the doors for our clients - and ourselves - into the highly lucrative and profitable world of product placement. We know what works, because weve tested it with our own product launches. And we wont recommend it unless wed invest our own money in it.

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  • At LA Food Consultants, we can take your product or idea from concept to store shelves and online channels, and support your launch with branding, sourcing and product development, packaging, sales outreach, public relations outreach, trade show research and management, website development, digital marketing, SEO and distribution services.


Mon-Fri : 8am to 5 pm.