My name is Julia, and I'm a web developer based in San Francisco. I've always dreamed of starting my own business, so I decided to take the leap in 2017. I left Google and started Kapwing with a friend. In the first project we worked on, I was trying to make simple video edits to a promotional video for Facebook, and just doing something like adding text was SO difficult -- I had to buy and figure out how to use Adobe Premiere, which was slow and a terrible experience. So, I stopped working on that project and switched to building a better, more trustworthy online video editing suite. Kapwing started with just one tool - the meme maker - and I added new tools as my users asked me for them: something for resizing videos, trimming and cropping, converting, combining clips, etc. Now we have a powerful video studio designed for entrepreneurs, creative professionals, artists, students, nonprofits, and any other creator. We've grown the product by telling the story of our journey on the Kapwing blog!

Additional Information

Legal Entity C Corp

Business Start Date 2018

An introduction to Kapwing



  • - Studio: Add text, resize, crop, trim, and edit your videos, images, and GIFs
  • - Subtitle Maker: Manually or automatically transcribe your video and add captions directly
  • - Resize: Quickly resize your images, videos, and GIFs for social media. Change the aspect ratio or crop.
  • - Loop Video: Make a short clip repeat multiple times
  • - Add Music: Put a new song, voiceover, or audio track on top of an image or video
  • - Convert Video: Make a video into a JPEG, GIF, or MP3 file
  • - Image to Video: Convert a JPG, GIF, or PNG to an MP4


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