Jewel Toned


Join the Body Positivity Revolution Jewel Toned was created by Rachael McCrary, a lingerie expert who realized her friends had one intimate apparel problem in common - feeling bad and uncomfortable in their shapewear. A better option didn exist, so she created Jewel Toned. The result Shapewear that isn quite underwear, and isn quite outerwear. Perfect for women who make their own rules.She inspired her friends, all fashion industry veterans, to leave their corporate jobs. Together they are disrupting the shapewear category. They donĀ»t want women to feel physically or psychologically uncomfortable in their shapewear. In our collection, you will find shapewear that bold, comfortable, fun and designed to help you create your own style. Whether you wear it to the grocery store, the boardroom or on the red carpet, the goal is to help you feel your most confident.Our customers are women who aren afraid of asking for what they want, working hard to get where theye going, or wearing their underwear in public.

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13428 Maxella Avenue
Marina Del Rey, California 90292

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