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When Ivy started in this industry 35 years ago, she set out to make the mattress buying experience more positive, honest, and informative. Many retailers were using the same tricks to merely get customers in the door and sell them anything they could. As her business grew, she became immersed in the bedding industry, from materials and fabrics to the construction and overall quality. What she found was an astounding amount of misinformation and appalling marketing tactics designed to convince people to buy something they didn’t want. Even worse, something they didn’t need! The whole approach seemed shady and deceptive. She was motivated, determined, and committed to being better; to cultivate an environment where customers and retailers felt at ease. To create a company - a brand with integrity, free of the worry of high-pressure commission-based sales and cheesy gimmicks, and outright lies. "What would I want in my home? For my family? The environment?" She asked herself these questions many times. Furthermore, Ivy wondered how she could solve the rising number of problems and health issues that corresponded with the increase of petroleum-based products in this industry. Chemicals, foams, fibers, and now flame retardants replacing the once-used untreated natural materials, are being introduced into the home, body, and thus the environment. Research has shown that chemicals used in mattress manufacturing are breaking down throughout the life of the product, and into the very air, we breathe. Ivy believes that simple, common-sense changes in what we bring into our home can profoundly impact our quality of life. Ivy Organics strives to provide only healthy and safe products for the home so you and your family may thrive.

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American Cancer Society benefit held at our factory and showroom.


4707 E. 49th St.
Vernon, California 90058

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  • Certified Organic Mattresses, Toppers, Pillows, and Comforters made entirely by hand.


Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 4:30pm Sat - Sun: 10:00am - 5:00pm