A Magic Forest


Welcome to A Magic Forest, a Waldorf-inspired community center for children, parents and caregivers. Our enchanting, yet home-like environment allows children to learn and socialize through imaginative play with toys made from natural materials. For the grown-ups, we have a caf© and lounge area offering free wi-fi. In addition to Open Play, we have our Parent & Child Educational Playgroup, classes, and pop-up events. We dont think of A Magic Forest as just a play space and caf©, but a community for families to share, learn, and have fun with one another while supporting their children's natural behaviors as they engage in open-ended play and discovery. We invite you to come in and play a while, and relax with a cup of coffee on our sofas as your children embark on their adventures in the forest.

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12512 West Washington Boulevard
Culver City, Los Angeles, California 90066

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