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We take pride in our education, and we offer only the most individualized attention possible. We will NEVER offer large group classes as there is no one-size-fits-all exercise program. There is absolutely no substitute for personalized training. Each person's mental and physical needs are unique, and only our focused attention coupled with the intense precision of correct form and alignment can guarantee muscle re-patterning, which is what leads to lasting change in the body. We use all the classical pieces of Pilates apparatus with a signature blended training approach, combining both Classical and Contemporary Pilates repertoire with corrective and functional strength training to give our clients a well-rounded program. You are encouraged to take your health seriously by strength training at least twice per week, although our signature blended workouts are safe enough to be done every day. Only your commitment can show results. We tend to attract those discerning clients who are interested in building a dynamic and responsive body through consistent long-term actions and lifestyle habits. A full body workout included warm-up and cool-down will be completed unless you're experiencing an injury. Customized lifestyle and nutritional coaching can be added on to your training by request.

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  • Introduction to Pilates Package: 3 private 55-minute Pilates sessions for $250


By Appointment Only: Sunday: 7am-4pm Monday-Thursday: 6am-7pm Fridays: 6am-4pm Saturday: 7am-4pm