Founder: Joy Beland

Business Name: Pink Hat Technology Management


Equallet Business Page:

Tells Us About Your Business: 

Pink Hat Technology Management is a local computer network and cybersecurity company, serving small to medium businesses in Los Angeles for 21 years. Our mission is to bring affordable, powerful security applications and training to companies to help aid in business continuity and mitigate risk.

Founder's Journey: 

I fell into computer support by accident back in 1997. Over the past 21 years, I have grown my business from a few employees to a dozen, providing IT support and management for over 50 businesses in the greater Los Angeles area.

I see myself as both a boss and a teacher to my employees, as I always work educate the staff in an engaging, understandable way. I proactively work to identify crucial productivity enhancements and potential vulnerabilities, always with an affordable bottom line in mind for my clients.

What are the 3 biggest tips you would give women?  

  1. Always have at least one mentor to guide you through the difficult conversations. Both male and female mentors are important.

  2. Participate in the greater community so that you gain exposure to all types of business owners, not just those you would deem a viable prospect.

  3. Be smart and humble. Educate yourself so that you have confidence in arenas not populated with a female majority. Always look for an opportunity where you may be of service.

Founder Trait I was Born With: 

The ability to have fun on computers and networks. I can figure out anything that has a computer chip in it.

Fav Female:

Tiffani Bova at Sales Force. She rocks.

Tell us something few people know:

No matter how much money you throw at your business computer network to protect your data, all it takes is one bad click of a staff member to let the bad guys in.