Founder: Gia Storms

Business Name: Storms Coaching & Consulting


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Tells Us About Your Business:

My coaching and leadership development practice helps leaders to imagine their best lives and courageously take action to make it happen. My coaching challenges and champions leaders to get unstuck and create the internal conditions for a life free from anxiety, stress, distraction and self-destruction – in short, from the habits and patterns that sabotage progress and meaningful change.

My clients are leaders craving balance and meaning, business owners looking to take their careers to the next level, managers seeking tools to overcome resistance and make change happen now.  I work one-on-one with individuals and also lead workshops with teams that bring purpose, meaning and connection into the office.

Founder's Journey:

Eight years ago, when I was first introduced to coaching, I was rocked by a deep and instant calling to helping individuals and teams connect with their best selves. But I dismissed it repeatedly in favor of more "serious" pursuits, determined to keep climbing the corporate ladder and earn my stripes in a more traditional setting.

When I finally moved out of New York City three years ago and its relentless ambitious churn, I found myself in Los Angeles and ready to officially hang up my corporate, media, and government hats to seek new professional development opportunities and career paths. As the open landscape of California's start-up culture worked its way into my psyche and an opportunity to re-examine coaching presented itself, I jumped at it, and have been thrilled and delighted answering the call to my life's work ever since. Now it's my turn to help others connect to their own calls to adventure, to their deep purpose and essential self.

What has been your greatest challenge as a WOB and how did you overcome it?

Overcoming inner resistance, and saboteurs that make strong women leaders feel like impostors, even when we’re the most credible person in the room. I’ve learned that fear isn’t ever to be permanently eradicated, but befriended and leveraged along the journey. I’ve invested in deep self-work to identify and move past any fear based thinking and old scripts that inhibit my own radical future growth.

What are the 3 biggest tips you would give women?

  1. Never be the first to name a number. Many women business professionals interviewing for jobs are eager to meet potential employers at a safe number that ensures the hire, thereby compromising their earning potential. So hold back on your impulse to be the first to share your number, and when you finally offer it, stick to your guns by holding powerful silence after you quote your fee.

  2. Find a power pose and practice it regularly. Changing the shape of your body changes your energy, so find your superhero power pose (a favorite spot or inspired location can work too) and practice practice practice to help up your confidence and quickly access your confident, leaderself before all your major moments.

  3. Surround yourself with women hold your bigger vision and lift you up. Just like all great athletes need someone to point out their blind spots and help them see the big goal, so do women professionals need a trusted tribe of mentors, advisors and a coach to help them perform along the path and hold true to the vision of what’s possible.

Founder Trait I was Born With:

Speed. And the ability to shorten the distance between when I first think a thought to when I take a step of action on it. Now just I’m just practicing my patience and the art of non-action!  

Fav Female:

Martha Beck. Amazing life coach, author, writer and pioneer wayfinder; at the forefront of writing and investigating our essential selves before coaching really existed. Continues to follow her intuitive North Star today, creating magic and inspiring – and training – legions of coaches and leaders.

Tell us something few people know:

I competed internationally in the Lindy Hop.