Founder: Dana Bakich

Business Name: Positive Equation


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Positive Equation is a a social media agency focused on working with purpose-driven brands, non-profits & individuals. We believe in utilizing the power of social media platforms to tell our client’s stories.

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Founder's Journey: 

I take leaps and pray to God I land somewhat gracefully.

Leap # 1: In February of 2013, I moved to New York City from Florida without a job. Luckily, a few months prior, I maneuvered my way into a Sports Business Journal conference in Times Square and connected with a panelist that ended up creating my job at Omnigon.

Leap #2: I was getting curious about the digital and social media industry, so I sent an informational email to a senior staff member at the Public Relations firm, DKC,  who, one week later, became my boss.

Leap #3: In September 2016, I wrote in my journal (which I never keep up with) that I would run my own company one day. That day came faster than expected: I launched Positive Equation in April 2017, almost seven months to the day of my original journal entry.

While working at DKC, I helped launch DKC Impact, a division focused on providing pro-bono PR & social services for nonprofits. I wanted to give all my time to these organizations; they had beautiful stories, but no resources or budget to tell them properly. At the same time, I read a book called, “Good is the New Cool - Market Like You Give a Damn.” I started to notice this shift in brand culture around the new age of corporate social responsibility (CSR). I saw what conscious consumers were craving and how to make purpose part of a company’s DNA. I wanted in. My goal was now to create an agency that catered to the purpose-driven market.

Note: I didn’t have it all figured out. I didn’t have a ton of money saved up nor did I ask for any outside funding. I just trusted my intuition, quit my job, moved to LA, and started networking.

I just celebrated Positive Equation’s one year anniversary and it felt amazing to look back at everything I’ve accomplished and the many many milestones to come.  

What are the 3 biggest tips you would give women? 

  1. Know your worth. It’s mind blowing to me that we’re still living in a world with a gender pay gap. It’s up to us to demand a change and end it. Research your position via and approach your boss or management for a discussion.

  2. Stop having surface level conversations. Be open. I attended a Quilt meetup the other day focused on the topic of money. There were 10 badass women there, all struggling with similar issues. We could have just kept everything bottled things up and talked about the “niceties,” but everyone really opened up and I could literally feel the weight lifting from my shoulders.

  3. Surround yourself with good people. When you’re starting a company, boy will there be challenges. Spend time with those that will not only encourage you and push you, but have great things going on in their lives too. Be around people that have aspirations and goals.

Founder Trait I was Born With:

Fav Female: 
Sophia Bush & Marie Forleo

Tell us something few people know: 
I was a competitive figure skater when I was growing up in Florida. :)