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How does supporting women-owned businesses help achieve gender equality?
Small businesses are the back bone of our economy and provide 97% of the jobs. By supporting the WOB (woman-owned business), we help them to grow and succeed. In turn, WOBs create jobs and advancement opportunities for women that give them a seat at the table of government, business and education - where our voices can be heard. See our video on the homepage!
Why should I list my business on Equallet?
Equallet is a free platform of conscientious consumers looking to support you, the WOB. By joining our community, you will have more eyeballs for your listing that will help to increase your customer/client base.
How can I become a Featured Business Owner on the homepage?
There are two levels of business listings - "The Basics" (free) and "The Works" ($7.99/month). If you wish to be included in the featured businesses on the homepage, you can choose the "The Works" which also gives you a few other important perks to showcase your business.
Will you offer other services like listing classified, job postings or articles on the site?
We listen to our users - both consumers and business owners. So, if you want to write an article for lead generation, we'll consider that for the future. If you want to post jobs to find brilliant and talented women for your company, then we will absolutely put that in the pipeline. Just tell us what you want and we will do our best to deliver! Let us know using the Business Inquiries link in the footer.
I'd like to advertise on the site. What are the ways I can do that?
We do not offer ads on the site for brands. "The Works" listing allows WOBs to get more visibility for your business. When you register, you have the option to choose this (for $7.99/month) or to list for free.
How can I partner with Equallet?
We love working with partners - we are all in this together. Please contact us via the Business Inquiries link in the footer or at
It looks like Equallet is just in the Los Angeles area. Will you be expanding markets soon?
Yes. We will be expanding to new markets based on the demand. Please let us know where you'd like us to be. You can go ahead and get on our platform (you'll remain inactive if you're not in the current market) and when we launch in your home town, you will be the first on the platform!
My business category or city/neighborhood is not listed on your site. How can it be added?
Please, contact us at or through our Business Inquiries link ( in the footer to let us know. We'll post the missing info asap.
Frequently Asked Questions for Business Owners
What are the requirements to be listed and why must I meet them?
We want to ensure that Equallet is synonymous with quality businesses owned by women and to do that, we verify all businesses for the following criteria: 1. majority woman owned (51% or more) 2. registered business with the appropriate local, state or federal agencies 3. operating in the Los Area (or in the future, the market that the business is being listed in) 4. has a website. Customers will continue to use our platform if they can trust that the products and services meet their quality, convenience and community criteria and we do all we can to deliver!