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How does supporting Women Business Owners (WOBs) help achieve gender equality?
There are 12+ million women-owned businesses in the U.S., providing 8+ million jobs and contributing $1.7+ trillion in sales to the U.S economy. By supporting their professional and personal success, we create jobs and advancement opportunities, and help elevate more women to leadership and decision-making positions. Thus, by harnessing the power of consumers, we increase the representation of women across all sectors in society.
Why should Women Business Owners (WOBs) list on equallet?
Because equallet supports the personal and professional growth of WOBs by bringing them what they need most - consumers, community and capital. equallet is the first search platform in the U.S. that enables everyone to find women to do business with, while offering WOBs supportive programs and resources. Through these programs, equallet helps WOBs -find business partners, strategic partners, mentors, and investors -evaluates their business’s health, leadership skills, and energy management -connects them with services and expertise to address any business-related issues they face. Additionally, we invite WOBs to local communities of female entrepreneurs who gets together once monthly to share their stories, advice, asks, and connections.