Here is what people are saying about us.

From women just starting out to serial entrepreneurs, WOBs are voicing their support for the equallet ecosystem. 


Rocio Villalobos

Rocio Villalobos, CEO of VidroMedia
"So very grateful for the amazing community that equallet has built. I was looking to hire a talented, reliable and aligned consultant, and am so fortunate that I found just who I needed through equallet. Can't thank the equallet team enough!"  
Tracy Gray

Tracy Gray, Managing Partner at The 22nd Fund
"equallet is a much needed business for all women owned businesses." 
Rachael Bozsik

Rachael Bozsik, founder of the Brand Girls
"Going through the equallet matching process gave me a unique sense of calm in the incredibly frightening process of finding a co-founder. The assessment gave me a strong sense of reassurance and confidence in my next step decisions. Now, I feel ready to jump, take the leap and make this match legal with the support of equallet!"  
Jennie Wong, PhD

Jennie Wong, PdD, CEO of Shopping Quizzes
"There is no "Yelp for women-owned businesses," despite the fact that women control 80% of consumer spending. Despite the fact that women are starting businesses at unprecedented rates. Despite the fact that women are actively looking for ways to support one another and reduce inequality in our country and across the globe. Equallet needs to exist... for the benefit of everyone. "
Jane Kwett

Jane Kwett, Former Regional Marketing & Community Director at Yelp 
"Starting and growing a small business is no small challenge and anything we can do to highlight the ambitious women in the marketplace is of great value...I'm excited to help support [equallet] to bring attention and consumer spending to the female powerhouses that need the support."
Yolanda Willaims

Yolanda Williams, CEO of Just Curves
"From taking time to meet with me, to giving me advice about my business, to forming a small accountability group to help a few of us stay on task and leverage our expertise, Stella is the biggest cheerleader for women business owners."  


Christianna A. Kontou

Christianna Kontou, new business owner
"Aside from finding [founder Stella's] personal story extremely relatable and insightful, I also came away with a great new resource in equallet.com. In my recent start-up endeavor, I was struggling to find female-owned printing services in LA and now, I have found quite a few! So, thank you!" 
Melissa Azizi

Melissa Azizi, CEO of Sparkwood
"The idea for Equallet is so simple yet extremely effective! As an individual, you could make a shift in gender equality through your wallet - by simply buying from women-owned-businesses. Makes sense! How do you find such businesses? Equallet's search platform...Brilliant!"
	Sheana Ahlqvist

Sheana Alqvist, PhD, founder of Phd Insights 
"equallet helped me find a great partnership. User research is great to make sure that strategies are grounded in reality, but they're hard to sell on their own. I've partnered with [WOB] to provide custom research to support her market strategy work. Together, we'll be unstoppable :)"


Girlie Salqueiro

Girlie Salgueiro, CEO of Oodon
"equallet is an elegant and effective approach to gender equality: discover and support women-owned businesses in order to level the playing field and improve the overall economy. It starts locally with each one of us, then spreads. With that momentum comes the strength to make a real difference regionally, nationally and internationally.  "
Julie Thorne-Engles

Julie Thorne-Engles, Executive Director, Create Mentorship Aspen
"equallet strives to take all of the consumer research out of the buying equation...Just a incremental shift in our purchasing habits will make a massive impact on not only the US economy, but the ripple effect will be felt globally. I have been part of the uprise of female entrepreneurship in LA, and I love Equallet for its simple call to action - spend with women."
Delilah Panio

Delilah Panio, VP at Capital Formation, TMX Group
"Understanding our purchasing power as women is a critical part of changing the world to be better for women and girls...equallet is a part of the solution!!"