Back to the Basics Three Tips for Launching Your Startup

Back to the Basics: Three Tips for Launching Your Startup by Eraina Ferguson

What do you do when you have a great idea for a business, but somehow you are still unable to convey your message to others? One of the best tools that you can use to implement an idea is a blank piece of paper. It is a useful tool for launching a company. Some entrepreneurs display their company’s ideas in a simple format on a napkin and get millions of dollars in funding. Others build a twenty-five-slide pitch deck, but only receive confused looks from their audience. If your goal is to raise funds, build a team, or understand your idea, the following tips will help you get started.

Create a Plan

Though some opportunities are gained through spontaneous levels of happenstance, most of the time there was a solid plan set in place to get there. A blank canvas such as a new document on your computer, or a plain sheet of paper is your best and most affordable tool. The 10th item should be the item that displays your final goal, or where you want to end up. Work your way backwards when creating the list and start from #1 when implementing the list. It is a difficult task and you may shed some tears, but it is an important way of completing and monitoring the goals that you set out to accomplish. Conducting research associated with launching your business is an important detail that cannot be skipped.

Create a Presentation

After you build your product, you will need to convey your story in order to pitch to investors. One of the best tools for conveying your mission, progress, and goals related to your startup is through a PowerPoint slide presentation. It is important to have a clear set of slides that display the details needed to present to investors and partners. During my first pitch session, my audience was engaged because my message was simple, concise, and beautiful. Creating a presentation is a great way to start. A combination of design templates, high-end color palettes and a premium selection of fonts, allows you to define the look of your presentation with a few clicks. Once you're done, their presentation software lets you change it as many times as you need for a new, fresh visual style.

Create a Prototype Using Apps Without Code

As a non-technical founder, there were many roadblocks to executing a prototype that would move me closer to the goal of a final product. Tara Reed, founder of Apps Without Code wanted to make the path clearer for non-technical founders to create and execute a final product. Through her three-day program, I created a mock app that would help me apply competitively to several accelerator programs. It so good that I made it to the second round of a casting call featuring startups. Do you have an app idea but don’t know where to start? The idea of learning a coding language such as JavaScript or Ruby Rails can seem overwhelming, especially when you do not have a technology background. Apps Without Code was founded by tech industry professional Tara Reed. She is passionate about educating others on the idea that you do not need to know a coding language to produce an app.

Eraina Davis-Ferguson is a creative nonfiction writer currently penning a memoir about raising a daughter with autism and deafness. Her story was featured in “The New Haven Register” She holds an M.Ed in Education and an MAR in Religion from Yale University. She launched  My Good Life in 2017, an e-newsletter for parents of special needs children.


16 Oct 2018

By Eraina Ferguson