The A-HA Moment - Finding Women-Owned Businesses was not easy.


Stella McShera
Stella McShera, founder


I had no intention of starting a new company.  I simply wanted to do business with women for a month and blog about it.  I hoped my experience would encourage others to support women, too, and vote with their dollars.

I started by first searching for Women-Owned Businesses (WOBs) on Google, Yelp and Facebook. To my surprise, I could only find a handful of WOBs in my area. It turns out that the major search engines and apps don't filter for women, nor do many WOBs identify themselves on their sites for web crawlers to categorize them as such. But there had to be a way to easily find WOBs to support, right?

After weeks of research, I finally called the National Women's Business Council and they confirmed that an accessible, comprehensive database of WOBs does not exist.  So in, we built one.



Our mission is to close the gender gap, one transaction at a time.

We believe that there is power in doing business with women. By supporting the growth and success of Women-Owned Businesses, consumers can help to accelerate job creation and advancement opportunities for women. As more women advance to decision-making positions they help to enact equal pay, implement gender fair policies and hire more diverse teams FASTER.



We envision a world without gender bias, where communities thrive when the contributions of women are fully realized.

We believe that gender equality benefits everyone - not just women economically but also their families; and socially when women and men are free to choose career and life paths with equal opportunities; as well as through public policy when everyones' rights, safety and health are protected by the Constitution regardless of gender.



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